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The "Hinges" of Life

26 Jan 2021

For the past four weeks we have been listening to everybody's story. The stories about their conversions in their religion and the conversions in their life, “hinges” as they call it.  Everyone's story is so amazing. | truly appreciate their openness and honesty, and their willingness to allow each and everyone of us to be a part of their lives in such an intimate way.

In just a couple weeks, it will be my turn to tell my autobiography. I don’t even know what to say. I’ve jotted down a few notes, a few ideas.  But honestly, my biggest conversion was just last year when | started this job. I'm a little intimidated because everybody in class seems so knowledgeable; they have so many connections, and so much richness. | will try not to let my fears and my inadequacies overwhelm me. I'll keep on persevering and hopefully absorbing through osmosis most or some of the information. I'll keep you updated as to how my autobiography goes next week. Please pray for me. HAHAHA

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