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Wait, I have to read HOW MUCH?!?

5 Feb 2021

I can’t believe it’s  week five already! It doesn’t seem like five weeks since I've started EFM classes. And this week was a doozy for me.

There was A LOT of reading involved with the class this week. This week we started reading the Old Testament Genesis 1 through 11. Talk about a lot of information! Not only did we have THAT to process, but we also had ‘Collins, A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible: Chapter 3’,  along with the priestly creation story essay provided in part two of the EFM manual. That alone was another 18 pages. My friends, my suggestion to you is to never let yourselves get behind on the reading. Try to read a little bit every day, schedule it , somehow fit it into your week whenever you can. There's nothing worse than going into a class and not being prepared.

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