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Palms have arrived for store pickup.  If you placed an order for palms for in-store pickup, please make arrangements to retrieve your order.  Thank you!

All direct ship orders are in process.  We will let you know a tracking number once we have it.

The window for ordering palms for 2024 closed as of February 22, 2024.

Churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta may order ashes and palms from the Cathedral Bookstore for liturgical use in one of two ways: Churches may either purchase these items directly from the bookstore’s website at www.cathedralbookstore.org/church-supply/palms-and-ashes; or churches may complete this form and email their 2024 order to [email protected]. You may also use this email address to ask questions and confirm information.

Please note that, due to the fragile nature of palms, the Cathedral Bookstore is only able to ship palms to churches within our Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, GA.

The last day to make changes to palm orders is February 21, 2024.  There can be no exceptions.