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Personalized Bibles & Prayer Books

The Cathedral Bookstore offers imprinting services on select Bibles and Books of Common Prayer (BCP) available in our store. Imprinting, sometimes also called Bible engraving or personalization, applies the name of a person on the front cover of a book, making it unique and special. This process requires a typesetter to set each letter to be imprinted, and then apply gold or silver leaf heated to 244 degrees. It is considered an artisanal process, one that is completed by hand, ensuring that every imprinted product is one-of-a-kind.

Imprinting Specifications & Requirements

Because of the labor of love and care that goes into every imprint, the following policies have been established at The Cathedral Bookstore:

  • We will only personalize Bibles and books purchased at our store, in new condition. Over time, the accumulated dust, debris, and even oils from our fingers while holding books, create a surface that often resists the imprinting process.
  • We are only able to imprint books that are good candidates for the imprinting process, with covers that provide a good surface for the heated gold and silver leaf to successfully bond with the material. 
  • It takes 7-10 business days before imprinted books are ready to ship. You may contact the store at [email protected] if a faster timeline is desired, and we will determine if the store can meet the requested timeline. *Please note that rush orders may incur an additional service fee. 
  • We only imprint one line of text on each item. 
  • All imprints are done in sentence case (not all CAPS).  The only exception to this is for imprint requests that contain initials only.
  • The maximum character count for our personalization service is 23 characters, including punctuation and spaces. 
  • Beginning March 1, 2024, the cost for imprinting services is $30 per line of imprint.

We pride ourselves on providing a good experience for this rare artisan service. As a result, we regret that no exceptions to these policies can be made.