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Coming April 23, 2021

Ilia Delio: Christifying the Universe



Our event with Ilia Delio had to be rescheduled for 2021 due to Covid-19. Mark your calendars to join us in celebration with the fabulous Ilia herself to hear the good news that Ilia calls the “Christification” of an unfolding universe. Beginning with a coffee hour and concluding with lunch, it is a unique opportunity to meet fellow spiritual travelers as llia Delio leads us in a deeper understanding of our Big Bang universe, which is all about ever enfolding Divine Love.

While others push God out with Science, Ilia Delio teaches that the cosmos is a mirror of God, and science is a lens that enables us to see and experience God more deeply. As she puts it, “God is neither simply an impersonal order nor simply the individual person who creates the universe. Rather, God and world are in process together; the world continually participates in God and God in the world.”

Ilia contends that “we need a new consciousness that begins with evolution if it is to talk of a living God, and hence it must include physical, spiritual, and psychological change as fundamental to reality…. What I am calling an incarnational worldview is the profound recognition of the presence of the divine in literally ‘every thing’ and ‘every one.’ It is the key to mental and spiritual health, as well as to a kind of basic contentment and happiness.”

We hope you will join us with Ilia for a spectacular morning about love, learning, fellowship and spiritual enrichment.

WHEN: April 23, 2022 | Coffee Hour 9-10 a.m. | Speaker 10 - 12 | Lunch 12 - 1 p.m
WHERE: The Cathedral of St. Philip, 2744 Peachtree Road NW Atlanta, GA 30305(in Child Hall)


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About Ilia Delio:

Ilia Delio is the rare theologian with doctoral degrees in both science and theology. But at her heart, she is a teacher. She longs for you to see what she sees: the vast interconnectedness of human beings, God, and the universe.  Her engaging personality has made her a popular speaker not only among women religious, but in spiritual and academic circles. The breadth of her knowledge can make events where she speaks downright epic.














Virtual Book Talk: ‘Courage to Thrive’ written by Robert Flanagan


We will be hosting a virtual book talk on Tuesday, November 10 at 10 Am EST featuring 'Courage to Thrive' by Bob Flanagan.

The event is free to attend virtually - the link you will need to participate is: https://zoom.us/j/97590519557

You can order a copy of 'Courage to Thrive' on the Cathedral Book Store's website here

About the Book:
When battling mental illness, it takes courage to find victories in the small things of life—including, some days, getting out of bed. In his first-person spiritual journal Courage to Thrive, Rev. Dr. Bob Flanagan, who has battled mental health illness for two decades and managed to thrive, offers meditations that navigate the dark scenery of his mind and then the paths that lead to the Source of light. Whether dealing with mental health challenges or everyday stressors of life, readers are left with a quiet confidence that they can still thrive and enjoy the gifts God has given them. Each reflection concludes with a heartfelt prayer that revels in God’s healing mercies.

About Bob Flanagan:
The Rev. Dr. Bob Flanagan has struggled with mental illness and managed to thrive for over twenty years. He holds a doctorate of ministry degree in Christian Spirituality and is an adjunct faculty member at General Theological Seminary in New York City, teaching on Christian spirituality. He has served for over ten years as a state and federal advocate for and board member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. His previous book, Growing a Sustainable Soul, won a bronze medal in the Reader’s Favorite International Book Contest. Bob lives with his wife, Lanie, in Bridgewater, Connecticut. They have two grown children.

Past Events





Virtual Book Talk: Crooked Truth written by Kristine Anderson (October 13, 2020)

We will be having a virtual book talk on Kristine Anderson's award-winning book, Crooked Truth. This virtual event will be moderated by Barbara Pendergrast. 

You can order a copy of 'Crooked Truth'  from us on this page.

The event is free to attend virtually.

You can find additional information on our Facebook event page.