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Episcopal Books & Christian Gifts

Welcome to the Cathedral Bookstore, an Episcopal and Christian bookstore in Atlanta, nestled within the historic Cathedral of St. Philip. When you shop with us, you will discover a diverse collection of both religious and secular books, catering to readers of all ages. From thought-provoking theological works to enchanting children's stories, our selection is sure to captivate your mind and soul. We also offer an array of exquisite faith-inspired jewelry and crosses, as well as charming gifts, perfect for commemorating special occasions or spreading joy to loved ones.


Personalized Bibles & Prayer Books

You can order personalized, imprinted Bibles and Books of Common Prayer (BCP). Engraved with a name or a meaningful inscription, these sacred texts become cherished companions, offering solace, guidance, and a personal connection to your faith. They also make wonderful gifts for baptisms, confirmations, and first communions.

Clerical & Church Supplies

We carry an assortment of church supplies, including communion wafers, sanctolites, prefilled communion cups, and altar candles. We also provide a range of essentials such as Baptism and confirmation certificates, clergy shirts, and even fragrant incense. We strive to nourish your faith and enhance your worship experience with our exceptional products and personalized service.

Something for Every Person of Faith

We also have a wide range of Catholic merchandise like rosaries and holy cards (also called prayer cards), as well as products for other religious denominations. We also sell many products you might not immediately associate with a religious bookstore like jewelry, greeting cards, journals, audiobooks and more.