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A Bead and a Prayer Workshop
February 9 & 11

Kristen E Vincent, Featured Presentation
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The Cathedral Bookstore is an Episcopal bookstore located inside the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta Georgia. We sell religious & secular books, general books for adult and children, jewelry, and gift items for all ages. We provide personalized, imprinted Bibles and BCPs (Book of Common Prayers) and provide gifts for Baptisms, confirmations, first communions and other milestone events. We have many standard church supplies such as communion wafers, sanctolites, prefilled communion cups, altar candles, Baptism and confirmation certificates, clergy shirts, incense and more. We also have a wide range of Catholic merchandise like rosaries and holy cards (also called prayer cards), as well as products for other religious denominations. We also sell many products you might not immediately associate with a religious bookstore like jewelry, greeting cards, journals, audiobooks and more. We host book signings and other events for featured authors as well as provide bulk quantities of books to book clubs in addition to running offsite events like popup book shops at churches across the metro Atlanta area.

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