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St Anthony: Patron Saint of Lost Things

21 Aug 2022

St Anthony was born in the year 1195 and later became a Catholic priest, and also a friar of the Franciscan Order. He is best known however, as the patron saint of lost things. In fact, there is even a specific prayer to St Anthony asking for help to find a lost thing, and after a quick search, you'll begin to see why the St Anthony prayer for lost things is legendary.

The St Anthony prayer for lost things is one of today’s most popular prayers, and has been used by Catholics around the world for centuries. It is typically used to find lost items, such as keys or other small objects that have been misplaced. Millions of people claim that it helped them find their lost item.

There are many variants on the prayer, for instance some people believe that when the prayer is said in the evening, you’ll stand a greater chance of successfully finding your lost item. Others say that it is more effective if you pray while kneeling on holy ground near an object associated with St Anthony, which can be a statue or a picture of him.

We bring you now 3 rhyming versions of the prayer and if you've recently lost something, why don't you pick your favorite and read it out loud to see what happens?

Prayer 1:

Oh where oh where has my (insert lost item) gone. Oh where oh where can it be?
I've tried and tried and can't find it. Oh please, St Anthony help me!

Prayer 2:

Dear St. Anthony, please come around!
something is lost, and it cannot be found.

Prayer 3:

Tony, Tony, look around.
Something’s lost and must be found!


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