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THURMAN, HOWARD The Centering Moment by Howard Thurman
The Centering Moment by Howard Thurman
A collection of prayer-meditations selected from worship services.
THURMAN, HOWARD Search For Common Ground
Search For Common Ground
Howard Thurman calls us at once to affirm our own identity, but also to look beyond that identity to that which we have in common with all of life.
THURMAN, HOWARD With Head And Heart
With Head And Heart
Howard Thurman was a unique man - a black minister, philosopher, and educator whose vitality and vision touched the lives of countless people of all races, faiths, and cultures. This is Thurman’s story in his own inspiring words.
THURMAN, HOWARD Jesus And the Disinherited
Jesus And the Disinherited
First published in 1949, "Jesus and the Disinherited" is a brilliant and compassionate look at God's work in our lives.